Hurricanes are dangerous and can cause major damage because of storm surge, wind damage, rip currents and flooding. They can happen along any U.S. coast or in any territory in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Their impacts can be felt hundreds of miles inland, and significant impacts can occur without it being a major hurricane.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1-November 30.

Prepare for Hurricanes

Hurricanes are not just coastal problems. Meridian/Lauderdale County can feel the effects such as rain, wind, flooding and tornadoes.  Make an emergency plan and make sure everyone in your household knows what to do. Recognize warnings and alerts, make sure your insurance policies and personal documents like ID  are up to date. Makes copies and secure password-protected digital space. Some other ways to prepare:

Strengthen your home
De-clutter drains and gutters, bring in outside furniture.

Get tech ready
Keep your cell phone charged, purchase backup charging devices to power electronics.

Help your neighborhood
Keep in touch with senior adults or those who may need additional help getting prepared. 

Gather supplies
Have enough supplies for the household, including medications, disinfectant supplies, masks, pet supplies.